Our vast experience and a wide support network will keep your business risks at a minimal.

While we recommend the right partners to work with, we provide support on rules and regulations including any applicable laws, accounting, and labor for your company's stability.

Our mission is to grow together with your business in the Philippines.

Business Meetings and Ocular Trips

We provide flexible plans for your business meetings and ocular trips here in the Philippines.

This includes, but not limited to setting up meetings with proposed companies to visit, car transfer service, interpretation service during the meetings, translation of documents prior to the meetings, etc.

We could also recommend companies to visit according to your requirements, upon request.

The KEY to succeeding in business expansion abroad is to find the right partners. We hope to be your No.1 partner for your business here in the Philippines.

Starting a Business in the Philippines

From incoroporation to starting the actual business requires submission of many applications and registrations with multiple government agencies. We provide support with the help of our partner law firm to avoid any trouble and delays that you may encounter along the way. Following are some of the support we provide:

  • Market Survey
  • Arranging of Office/Residential Units
  • Registration/Application of License/Permits
  • Financial Accounting and Legal Advise, etc.

Philippines Law Consultation

Our partner law firm will handle all your legal requirements in the Philippines including but not limited to the following matters;

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Articles of Incorporation 
  • General Law 
  • Corporate Law 
  • Labor Law, etc.