The tour will take you around the Ramen Industrial Expo held in Osaka with an English-speaking Japanese consultant. We will support your negotiations with suppliers found at the expo.

As a plus, the tour will also bring you to try various Ramen from all over Japan under one roof in a separate venue in Osaka. And not to miss any bargains during your trip, we will also guide you to the Shinsaibashi arcade also in Osaka.

PHP 11,000+VAT per pax.

** Price is subject to change according to changes in cost.
** Exclusive of all travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, food, and other necessity).
** Inclusive of pre-registration and English assistance in all venues.
** Assistance with airline ticketing, Japan visa, and hotel booking.

Group 1) Itinerary

January 2024
23 (Tue) Orientation meeting and Shopping at the Shinsaibashi area in Osaka.
24 (Wed) Day of Event / Ramen dinner in Namba Osaka.

** Check in at your hotel by January 23rd and check out on or after the 25th.

Group 2) Itinerary

January 2024
24 (Wed) Ramen dinner in Namba Osaka.
25 (Thurs) Day of Event / Orientation meeting / Shopping at the Shinsaibashi area in Osaka.

** Check in at your hotel by January 24th and check out on or after the 26th.

Each group will require a minimum/maximum of 4 groups of 2 pax per group or 8 separate individuals to commence. Group 2) will only be open when Group 1) fills up.

Shopping at the Shinsaibashi area will be a walk-through along the arcade. Your assistant will be on standby for any help that requires an interpreter.

We will represent you to negotiate with suppliers found at the expo within 20 business days from the date of the expo visit. Additional support/consultation can be provided at a minimal amount upon request.

About the Ramen Industrial Expo

ラーメン産業展 (Ramen Industrial Expo) is an exhibition of everything about RAMEN, held in Tokyo and Osaka annually.

It's on its 18th year that cannot be missed by Ramen enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The purpose and mission are to accelerate the Ramen business, sustain the Ramen popularity, expand and acquire new Ramen fans, and find new sales channels for Ramen while promoting the Ramen industry.

Products and Services of Exhibitors

Noodles/Noodle Ingredients/Seasonings/Food Additives/Sauce/Soup/ Ingredients/Oil/Topping Ingredients/Side Menu/Dessert/Beverages/Noodle Making Machine/Cooking Utensils/Kitchen Equipment/Tableware/Sanitary Supplies/Store Equipment/Promotional Items/Franchise Opportunities/Start-up Support Services/Consulting/Other Products and Services for the Ramen Industry.

Target Audience

Ramen shops / Those considering opening a Ramen shop / Establishments serving Ramen.

Application Form


    Q2. Your occupation.

    Q3. Your authority in purchasing products and services:
    I have the authority to select and order (Essential)I am influential in the selection and ordering process (Significant Influence)Not involved (Not Involved)

    Q4. The main sources of information used in business? (Multiple selections allowed)
    Exhibitions (Trade Shows)Information from clients/customersManufacturer's product presentationsExhibitions by trading companies/wholesalers, etc.TV and radioNewspapers and magazines (including industry-specific publications)Websites and homepagesSocial media (Facebook/Instagram, etc.)Email newsletters and direct mailCatalogs and brochuresIndustry associations and peersOthers

    Q5. How did you learn about this exhibition? (Multiple selections allowed, Required)
    Official website of the exhibitionExhibitor's websiteInvitation from the organizing committeeInvitation from an exhibitorEmail from the organizing committeeEmail from an exhibitorIndustry newspaperSpecialized magazineOther websitesOther

    Q6. Please state the purpose of your visit. Required (Multiple selections allowed)
    For introducing new services.For purchasing new products.For purchasing gift items.For purchasing PB/OEM products.For purchasing products for events.Considering purchasing spring/summer products.Considering purchasing autumn/winter products.For menu development.For energy-saving measures/cost reduction.Considering business format change.Considering expanding to multiple stores.For opening a new store.For improving existing store environment.For understanding industry trends.For information gathering/learning.For purchasing and negotiating with new customers.For negotiating and networking with existing customers.Other

    Q7. Regarding the next exhibition (2024), please select from the following options:
    I want to attend.I want to exhibit.I'm considering to exhibit, so I would like detailed information.

    Expo Venue Regulations

    • ■ This exhibition is a specialized trade show intended for industry professionals. Non-industry personnel are kindly requested not to attend. Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to any individual they deem unsuitable as a visitor.

    • ■ Entry passes are strictly non-transferable and valid only for the registered person.

    • ■ Any sales activities or sample requests not intended for exhibitors or visitors are strictly prohibited.

    • ■ Photography or recording using cameras, videos, smartphones, or any other devices is strictly prohibited within the venue.

    • ■ The event management team may conduct interviews and recordings within the exhibition area. Information obtained through interviews and images captured may be used for promotional purposes related to the exhibition.

    ** We will respond to you within 24 hours. If you don't receive our response, please contact us through our contact page.